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"Our food is made fresh daily with top ingredients in everything we prepare, all of our specialties are made with that homemade touch.

Our customers have brought our pizza and specialties back to Washington, California, Florida, Puerto Rico, and even as far as Romania.
We’ve been here in the heart of Flushing for over 20 years. Over those years, shops and people have come and gone. We’ve seen our customers grow up from children to adults and now they’re bringing their own children to our establishment.
So take a look at our menu and get a taste of what you’ve been missing."



Steve S.

This place never disappoints.Great vibe, good food and prices are unbeatable for the quality you get.And, Joe and Phil are fantastic at making you feel like you're part of the neighborhood.


Todd O.

Came here two nights in a row.  The first night was so good I actually had to come back.  I was visiting from out of town and appreciated finding such a friendly group of people not only working there, but the other customers were friendly as well.  The pizza was second to none, and I will be back next time I'm in NYC and will make a special trip there no matter what borough I am visiting at the time. It was also very clean.  Aaaaaand, they do put XTRA cheese on your slice without asking.  Best overall restaurant experience in NYC.


Louis R.

Why haven't I heard about this place? I totally stumbled upon this place by accident. Yes - Great Pizza truly exists in Flushing. This quite possibly may be "That" greatest Pizza in Flushing. Either way, these guys can certainly run with "The Giants" & we certainly do know who are those "Giants" don't we ;-)Old School Establishment! - Limited Seating - Walked in the door and saw 2 Cops from the 109th Pct on their meal - Immediately realized - This place has got to be good. I suspect it was the owner who was on site; As the guys that prepared & served my food - did such with a sense of pride and conviction that one rarely sees anymore.Eggplant Parm Hero was exceptional. Quality of the ingredients were on the money. I'm definitely going to be returning to this location - which I kind of feel is "Off the Beaten Path" - I suspect that is why I never realized or heard of this great place.Definitely worth coming by to check out; Parking - as always is awful - But, it could truly be more awful. Plenty of Public Transportation. Highly enjoyed! - Looking forward to my next visit.


Ben S.

Hands down one of the best pizzerias in all of NYC!!!! The slice here can go head to head with any other! Great food, great ownership, great service what else could you ask for? Plus they make a killer thin crust pie. Thin enough to see the light poking through on the other side of the pie yet holds with absolute no flop. This is the gem of all queens pizzerias. Go get yourself a pie and keep them busy folks.


Armaan D.

I tried the Sicilian and a plain slice and this is hands down the best pizza in flushing. In regards to the yelper who claimed they put soda in their pizza and said pizza shouldn't be "sweet or salty" clearly has no taste and should be disregarded and her yelp account revoked.


Kim S.

There's no discussion, they make the best pizza. Slices are big, cheesy and taste delicious. Buy two slices because you can't eat one, you'll thank me later. Take heed, this is how you really can tell if an establishment food is good; the place was pack with senior citizens eating full hot plates of entrees and whole hot heroes. The seniors don't play around with food- your feeling will get hurt if you service nasty food. The place is small so you may not get a seat, it doesn't matter just cop & go. The staff is always polite and don't mess up your order. I believe they take cash only, but call to verify. I've posted the updated menu with current prices.I travel over 8 miles round trip to get my pizza from here.


Taylor P.

Secret ingredient to their pizza sauce.Soda.I been a regular customer here until I saw one of the workers pour soda into the sauce. Now I knew why the pizza sauce was sweet.People please don't be so biased!!!Look for quality. Tons of restaurants go out of business because of the quality.I hate eating at restaurants because it is tasteless and bland.Pizza sauce should not be SWEET or salty.It needs to have that unique tomato taste. (not ketchup)


Angel K.

I was searching for a pizza delivery a little after 10PM on Friday night and found this place on yelp. This place close at 11PM so I wasn't sure if they would actually take my order but they were so nice to take my order although it would be close to the closing time and I don't live too close by. I called backed 5 minutes before their closing time to make sure they were coming and the guy on the phone explain the delivery guy would come drop off my pizza on his way home after they close. 5 star customer service for that. And the delivery guy that came even apologized to me for being late and I was so so happy and thankful to get my pizza at that late hour. Their pizza is really good also. I ordered large pizza and though the dough was a bit dense for my liking, it was perfectly made with the right amount of cheese and saltiness.


Sophie H.

Amazing price (small mushroom & sausage for ) for a huge delicious portion and friendly service. I had walked by with my sister so many tines but yelp finally led me here to give it a try. It's less oily than lucias and the crust is sweet and crunchy , a real neighborhood gem I can't wait to come back and try the extra cheese slice


Patrizia V.

Love this place. Can't beat the prices. They deliver fast. I've just moved to this neighborhood and I have been trying out all different pizza. They are by far the best. I am so happy they are so close. Even the hot food is very good. There garlic knots are the typical knots but very yummy!


Darren J.

When in NY, you gotta have a slice or a whole pie! The wife and I were tired from the trip so we opted for delivery, which was estimated at 30-40 minutes...and it came early! Piping hot, right out of the oven melted cheese and pepperoni deliciousness. Xtra Cheese Pizzeria is where it's at in Flushing!!


Mike L.

Visited again and tried the pizza again, I think my first review was a bit harsh, the pizza here is premium quality, its lighter on oregano than lets say Brothers Pizza in Fresh Meadows, but its definitely there, the pizza has good flavor and for .95 for two slices and a large drink the best value in Queens and much of NYC. If you wanted this kind of quality you would pay almost double in other establishments.


Victoria J.

This place is EVERYTHING!!!!! Used to live close to here and you cant find a more NY Italian spot like here. There food is always amazing, the guys there are always ready to crack jokes and say hi to your kids. And during baseball season you can always rely on them to have the Met game on. Since we moved, we asked if they deliver to our new address and it broke my heart to find out they dont. Luckily we have a car and they are a quick 5 minute drive away. The food is phenomenal! They have never let me or my family down on quality or taste.


Anthony S.

You're not going to get specialty gourmet slices of pizza here.  It's an old school, no frills joint.  But you will get a pretty damn good slice of pizza.  Finding a parking spot is sometimes a bit of a challenge because it's located right on Northern Blvd. in bustling Flushing.  Staff is very friendly, and prices are definitely on the affordable side.


Linda D.

They are located on Northern Boulevard.  The pizzeria has been in business for years and yes same owner.  The owner and staff are warm and welcoming.Definitely a pizza worth trying,not thin or thick slice.  The pizzeria is the only one around the area.  The closest thing is Domino's and I'm not a Dominions pizza fanPizza are good and tasty (not thick or thin).  The rolls are just as good.The establishment is clean and maintained.  Seating is limited.They also do take out.They have a parking lot behind the establishment.


Melissa B.

I bet your scrolling and seeing that the pizza has amazing reviews, and trust me their pizza is amazing but their pasta IS SOOO GOOD. I got the spaghetti with meat sauce and wow! The sauce was amazing everything was amazing. Just honestly come here, they have NEVER disappointed me.


Sam A.

Walked in here late on a Thursday night and Joe, one of the owners was slinging dough rounds turning them into pizza crusts. They have three sizes. Small, large and Sicilian. I was with Angie and we just wanted pizza for the two of us. We asked if a small was 10-12 inches and he laughed. Small was closer to 16 inches. We ordered half veggie and half pep/meatball. He was so happy we were eating in (it's a small place where most people seem to pick up slices to go).  He gave us the xtra-cheese in house treatment. We talked about our trips and baseball, Kansas City and Sicily. The hour we spent there was well worth it. Very good pizza made by the owner who started it 33 years ago, good conversation and a good welcome back to the US after traveling overseas. Thanks Joe!  Looking forward to eating here again when I'm in NY.


Little P.

Owner is racist.  I'm Asian.  I sat down on the other side of the table that an old white male in his 80s was sitting on.  The old man said something about and the owner said that, "you could sit at the other tables."  That statement comes directly from the fact that the old man was white and I was Asian.  What year is this?  Why would the owner make a suggestion like that?  The old white male moved to the other tables clearly not wanting to see an Asian face and said something like, "only the hippies sit on the left side (the side he was sitting on after he moved).  He doesn't know what a hippie is."  I then told the owner about the situation saying the old man was rude.  He went on to defend the old man that he was just joking.  I sincerely don't see why anyone would run a business like this.  Avoid going.  I have stopped going to this place and will never come back.


Donna C.

Just wanted to add that we tried their pasta today and it was just as amazing as their pizzas. Do you sell the sauce? Because our kids devoured it and they're extremely picky eaters. Omg so good!!!



This place use to be really good.Dont know what happened but they dont season their pizzas anymore.Their sauce and crust very bland!!Toppings bland!!!Wish they can be great again!!!

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X-Tra Cheese Pizza is owned by Italian born brothers, Phil and Joe.

About X-tra Cheese Pizza and Reviews